Kauai Fishing Recommendations?

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Kauai Fishing Recommendations?

Postby rtufts » Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:37 pm

Hey guys,

Going to Kauai for thanksgiving and looking for some recommendations of Deep Sea Fishing charters...

2 years ago we used Hana Pa'a Fishing Charters and had a great time out there for 4 hours, but unfortunately didn't get a fish. I would use them again, and will call them up, but I don't believe they have updated their website since then and I am not completely sure they are still operating (again, I will call.)

I have heard both good and bad things about Deep Sea Fishing Kauai. They seem to be popular and some testimonials say they have shown ability to change up and adapt the fishing strategy if what they have been doing for a few hours isn't working. What I don't like is how some have said that they flat out do not let you keep the fish you catch--you are essentially subsidizing their commercial fishing operation (they maybe give you a filet and send you on your way).

Does anybody have any recommendations or good/bad stories from Kauai fishing?

Thanks in advance,


PS: Mods if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it.
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Re: Kauai Fishing Recommendations?

Postby Needlefish » Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:25 pm

Fished Waikiki this past April , may I suggest the inshore bite, the bones are huge. I found a guide who was shore based and showed me several spots accessible from shore that I was able to drive to myself. Fly fishing was the way I fished, anything brown or black seemed to work best, clousers,crazy Charlie's , and crab imitations. I bet you could catch you're own bait to, small brown crabs in any rocks by the water.
Fished a half day and was able to catch 2 bonefish, was able to guide myself to 3 more that week up to about 9 lbs. along with a few other fish i couldn't identify , even caught a blowfish... It was like pulling in a boot.
I've fished many places , and have trolled numerous hours that have turned out to be expensive boat rides, I know they have a run of jacks that are big and mean, I don't know the season though... Well good luck!
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Re: Kauai Fishing Recommendations?

Postby Hatman » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:19 pm

I fished with a guide named Rob Arita on a trip to Kauai a few years back. Rob guides on the beach--no boat--for bonefish. He got me hooked up, I lost the fish with a striper set-the-hook habit. Good guide, beautiful spot to fish.
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